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Cool in summer, warm in winter, the terracotta outer sleeve is made especially for us by Morris and James in Matakana, using local clay.


Weatherproof, the design provides a secure place for small to medium sized garden birds to safely nest.


Terracotta lasts a long time! It will not deteriorate when exposed to the elements. The eco-ply components and the Resene colours will last for years.

how they work

The standard sized boxes are suitable for small  garden birds. Please enquire about larger sizes.

The Mitre, Porch and Ponga models feature a removable 'cassette' that allows easy cleaning and removal of old nesting material. 

The wooden cassette slides into the terracotta sleeve, resting against the internal rim at the back. Once in place it can't pull through and the Bird Home can be securely hung on a wall, post or tree.

new zealand made

Morris and James is one of the largest and longest surviving manufacturing potteries in New Zealand. Situated in Matakana, just north of Auckland, the pottery produces a unique and diverse range of ceramics, including terracotta ware.

The outer shells of the nesting boxes are individually made using clay that is dug from the clay field on the banks of the Matakana river...so each Bird Home really is a little piece of New Zealand!

The wooden components are made to order in Nick Charlton's workshop, which combines good old fashioned hand skills along with small scale computer-aided manufacturing.  Cottage Industry, a blend of Kiwi ingenuity, tradition and innovation.